Revised schedule and rules for Vegas

Hey all,
Check out the revised schedule as some start times have changed. We are also revising our teams back in the sortings. Due to the amazing turnout in the sortings if the amount of teams back in the sortings is greater than 100 teams we will only bring back the top 100 to the second go. If the cutoff for the second go is less than 100 teams, we will keep the original 50% back.

1st Annual Let It Ride Penning and Sorting

Friday April 8

Check In: 7:00 AM Pen 8:00 AM

Pen 2: Open with #12 Incentive Penning

Pro Am Novice Penning

Pen 1 (9:30 AM Start): #7 Draw Penning

#3 Draw Penning

6:00 PM Finals Round

Open Finals

#7 Finals

Pro Shoot Out 1st Go

#3 Finals

Pro Am Novice Finals


Saturday April 9

Check In: 7:00 AM Pen 8:00 AM

Pen 2 (8:00 AM Start): Pro Am Challenge


Pro Am Am Challenge Finals

Pro Shoot Out 2nd Go

Pen 1(9:30 AM Start): #5 with Draw Sorting (Sort Pen 2)

(1 Hour after conclusion of penning): Open Sorting (Sort Pen 1)

Sunday April 10

Check In: 7:00 AM Sort 8:00 AM

#8 Sorting (Sort Pen 1)

#3 with Draw Sorting(Sort Pen 2)