Please excuse any delayed response

We are currently setting up at the Mohave Crossing Events Center for our 11th Annual Avi Challenge. Our cell reception is spotty at best here. If you are calling with questions about Las Vegas we will get back with you on Monday. If you are calling about Avi please feel free to text us as texts seem to come through better. Thank you and see you all this weekend!

Lessons and Friday Night Lights for 1/21-1/23

Friday Night Lights this Friday, January 22, sign up: 6:30 PM Sort at 7:00 PM. One night only. Fast time of each herd gets a ride in a Shoot Out at the end of the night for $50 per man! Awards to fast go and highest placing #2 team. $6 per run, enter a total of 6 times. ALL DRAW!

Penning lesson Thursday at 10 AM $60 per person.
Sorting Lesson Saturday 9-12 $60 per person
Penning Lesson Saturday 1-4 $60 per person
Text Remy at 9514734146 if you would like to attend.