It’s on!

Hey All,
We WILL be SORTING this Friday night.  And we will also be giving away the BUCKLE!
James will be giving lessons all day Saturday so please call him at 9518520606 if you’re interested!


Avi Hotel Room Code

Hey All,

We have the code for the Avihotel for our show on January 18-20, 2013. Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-284-2946  The code is: Team Penning 2013 and must be made by December 27, 2012. THE ROOM CODE WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR USE STARTING DECEMBER 13, 2012

Entries are also open! Please mail checks to JR Productions 25275 Hyatt Ave, Hemet, Ca 92545.  Checks will not be cashed until January 15, 2013.



2013 Calendar is up!


If you look at our flyer for the upcoming series you will see that we reformatted our events.  We will now be sorting on Saturday and penning on Sunday, which should get us all home sooner on Sunday and let us have our fun Saturday night!

There will be buckles given at each event, as always, but we will also be giving high point awards at the end of the series.

The classes may be subject to change but we wanted to get our dates out for next year.

Have a happy holidays!